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slammin', fly, super-fine, unfathomably hot and oh-so-delicious. irresistable - not that you would try to resist.
Did you see Matt this morning? Damn if that ass didn't look boomin'!
by cosmo August 25, 2004
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makin a lot of money in a short amount of time by sellin a product... especially tax-free products; (weed, shoes, apparel, mixtapes, etc.)
Customer: How the sales goin for u?
Seller: Mane I got this shit boomin... I made $450 in a hour and still makin money.

by $ FLIP $ November 05, 2008
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Used to describe a stereo system in a car, in which the bass can be heard from blocks away.
Even though Darin drives a civic, you gotta admit he has a boomin system!
by Musicality October 10, 2004
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When you are just owning it up, somebody says something that makes sense, and to answer a question.
Man, I am boomin today.

Hey man, that was pretty boomin.
Hey, you just did some work there. "BOOMIN"
by just call me numero uno November 21, 2011
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basicly means ace wicked great
Mary: I'm comin round your's tonight
Joseph: Boomin, can't wait!
by Hevz a.k.a God May 01, 2005
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Refering to women who have had breast agmentation surgury.Usually of large size.
"Check out that girl on baywatch! She is definatly boomin!"
by roulf the dog October 10, 2005
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