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you sit down with legs in a V shape out in front of you. Nowput your hands down close in front of your "crotchel" area, lift yourself up (legs still straight out in a V off the ground) now move around in a circle either in a transfer of weight from hand to hand, or hopping. Now build up speed. Try it 1 handed! Ouch.
cant give one cause there aint one
by blazed December 09, 2004
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A person that always brings the conversation back to them.
My co-worker is the biggest boomarang around. I was talking with him about some new cars I was looking at, and what I want ed in the car, and it ended with him talking about all the stuff he wants in a car. I then remembered a conversation we were having about beer, and after I mentioned I like IPA''s, it turn too "I can't drink those IPA's, too hoppy. I need a lager or pilsner.
by There's s no I in Urban November 18, 2017
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