1. additional performance due to an audience's demand.

2. 'again' or 'repeat'.

3. eminem's new album.

4. our school's album!
are you gonna get the new album by eminem called encore?
by collusion October 9, 2004
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What happens when you flush the toilet and the turd disappears for a second and then pops back up.
Roomate 1: Dude, flush the toilet when you're done taking a shit!

Roomate 2: I did! That turd must have come up for an encore!
by Brackforn March 23, 2009
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What you call a really, really bad case of the clap.
Wow, Suzie had the clap so bad i think she had encore.
by Mikey T December 16, 2004
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The audiance demanded a lot of Encore.
by Erik August 13, 2004
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This is when a woman proceeds to perform oral sex on a man. The man then ejaculates on the woman (the part of the woman to be ejaculated on is up to the man getting the BJ). After the man cums he then proceeds to spread open the woman's meat curtains and gives her a round of applause by gently smacking her vagina. Screaming ENCORE is optional.
My girlfriend gave me head yesterday, it was so good I demanded the Encore.
by gumby40oz February 28, 2006
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Pronounced "ON-CORE"

To ask someone to do something for a second time.
Person 1: "Hey man did you get my email?"
Person 2: "Nah dude...Can u encore that to me?"
Person 1: "Hey what was the answer to number 5?"
Person 2: "Didn't I just give you that answer a second ago?"
Person 1: "Okay...Well...can you encore?"
by Jean-Max Fontilus August 29, 2006
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Canadians usually say encore when they’re at a theatre or play. But what it actually means is again.
Canadian Audience: Encore! Encore!
French Audience ;)
French Actors: Why do we have to do the Show again?!
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