Someone who's main pleasure in life is derived from dressing fashionably; this is often accompanied by the collection of obscenely large quanitities of clothing that may or may not be worn more than once.
me: I went shopping again >guilty shuffling of feet<
friend: What did you buy?
me: This dress. It was $150.00
(sidenote: we are poor students)
friend: OH MY GOD!
me: No but wait - it was half price!!!
friend: >rolls eyes< Didn't you buy a pair of stilletos last week that were "half price"? That's MEANINGLESS. You're such a clotheshorse.
by Nicole September 04, 2003
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Somebody, usually a model, who has a stick-instect, gamine figure and therefore can fit into super-trendy clothes in tiny sizes. If they are a model, they change their clothes frequently and always look cool (in the fashion world, at least).
"Kate Moss is such a clothes horse. I wished I looked as good as her..."
by vintagePOP June 20, 2009
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