Booktok is a niche of TikTok where readers, mainly girls in their teens and 20s, post content relating to books on. Many of the posts include reviews, discussions about characters and authors, and generally just having a good time talking about books. It is popularized enough that there are tables in some Barnes and Noble's with books that are popular on booktok. It's a great place to check out if you are looking for a new hobby, new YA or NA books to read, or to talk to other readers about your favorite books.
"Hey, did you hear about the scandal on booktok about that girl Avery?"

"I found this cool book They Both Die at the End because some of my favorite booktokers recommended it!"

"Are you on booktok? It's such a cool community, you should totally check it out!"
by lm4227 March 25, 2021
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the best place to get book recommendations 👍
“hey i just found this new book from booktok!”

“wow cool!”
by the air conditioner July 30, 2022
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The side of TikTok with all the bookworms reading books such as, Red Queen, We Were Liars, Cruel Prince, etc.
“Hey! Have you seen that new book on BookTok?”
“No, what’s it called?”
“It’s called ‘They Both Die In The End.’”
by Cosmicsss May 28, 2022
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