when you don’t know what it’s called. commonly used in the snodland and chatham area.
pronunciation: wash-it-cald
oh my days um what’s it called
by tuftym May 24, 2019
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1) An expression of surprise at slanguage one hasn't heard before, especially when it's obviously sexual or scatological in nature.

2) A tongue in cheek way of turning an ordinary comment into a double entendre by implying the above.
Dude, I'm heading home. I'm gonna go online and play some World of Warcraft.

Oh really? Is that what they're calling it these days?
by BornBlitzed January 18, 2011
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The same as 'what is your name'
-Hey! What are you called?
-I'm called John
by not-a-pony November 1, 2013
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A statement used by ePic gAmers, when they squash a nooby.
nooby: *deaths*
epicgamer21: nOw tHats whaT i cAll a vicTOry roYaLe
epicgamer21: *default dances*
by epicgamer21 November 16, 2018
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When not remembering or knowing the name of and object or a human and nothing comes to mind u simply use this.also seething-a-ma-jig
"Hey gimme that what-chu-ma-call-it","oh this pen".
by Trishta February 10, 2008
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