When you are standing in the center of the room and you lift a woman onto your shoulders so she is straddling your face. You then slowly rotate 360 degrees while ravenously performing cunnilingus. If you drop her, the act becomes known as "lost at sea".
I can't see this girl anymore. I was giving her the lighthouse and she squirted all over my face. Not since the BP oil spill has their been such a slippery beak.
by DirtyFonzi October 18, 2014
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A dance that looks like a lighthouse.
The lighthouse can only be preformed if:
1 The dancer is taller than the people who surround him/her so everyone can see the dance from far away.
2 The head is turned from one side to the other repeatedly.
Look at Kruger, he totally rocked out the Lighthouse!
by TheKrueger January 25, 2010
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It’s a building godammit. A tall building that has a piece that spins in circles shining light. That’s it.
Despite the many definitions in the urban dictionary that state otherwise, the word “lighthouse” isn’t very interesting at all.
by LighthouseRaven October 13, 2022
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A technique use to smoke weed. First the user takes a bubbler and fills it with water. Then a sweet J is rolled and placed inside the bowl sticking upright like a lighthouse. The user then places even more weed around the J to fill the bowl creating the rocks. The J is smoked and by that time the user cant use a lighter, but one is not needed because the J lights the bowl by itself.
That lighthouse we smoked last night was AMAZING!!!
by Savyy April 6, 2011
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A lighthouse: area that allows light to pass between a woman's legs and her public area- this must be observed while she is standing up with her legs closed together. If a woman has a lighthouse, one would be able to see light coming through this natural space regardless of how close her legs are together. If she's too overweight if flabby the fat closes down the passage of light.
Even though Jane is overweight, she still has a lighthouse.
by Mark the man aka MTM March 13, 2011
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As defined by popular comedian Dane Cook : The perfect erection, when the vain leads up in a perfect spiral staircase right up to the thunderdome.
by Miss Strychnine; February 3, 2006
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When a uncircumsized dude pulls up his dick to his belly button and uses his balls as a base so it resembles a lighthouse.
Wyatt walked out of the room so Alex pulled out the lighthouse to get him to look at it when he walked back in.
by AxlebomB August 16, 2011
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