1.to run fast such as in a race 2. or being chased
1.he was bookin it around the corner and won by at least 100 meters 2. he was bookin it across the street as the 5-0 was rite behind him
by CWPA May 23, 2006
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Man, that dude was bookin to the bar to meet that fly chickie
by car car November 27, 2002
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Short for central booking where those in police custody are in-processed.
5-0 locked me up on an outstanding warrant and I spent all night down bookin
by sourcer May 15, 2003
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He booked it outta town as soon as they found out.

I'm sure you'll all be bookin' it out of here once your last exam is done.
by BeeP28 March 12, 2009
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To leave in haste, because of an unexpected emergency.
I've got to be bookin' it, the cops are at the front door.
by Todd May October 1, 2003
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To cause trouble or to make an ass of ones self
Man, Brent was really bookin at the party last night
by Bmintz June 20, 2011
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Surfing Facebook, generally aimlessly, to waste time. Derived from the term "Facebooking."
((Chat Conversation on Facebook))

SceneBree: "Ohaii! Watttcha doinn!!"

You: "Nothing much... just bookin(:"
by trevortxeartxe July 20, 2011
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