It came about in the 70's during the disco era. Back then we boogied all night long.
Boogie down at the disco; boogied all night long; I've got the boogie fever
by I was there! August 14, 2016
1. to dance to, sing to or play boogie-woogie music
2. to engage in any lively or upbeat popular music or dance

especially rock and roll or 1970's disco
3. to party especially when drugs are involved
4. (also BOOGIE-WOOGIE) to engage in habitual lifestyle of immoral or destructive vices
The rich couple had cocaine and other party favors and had their friends over at the mansion to boogie all night long.
by Jon64Bailey July 3, 2014
Gangsters dont dance they "Boogie"
Listen to backyard boogie by Mack 10 and it'll explain everything
by MaRy*JaNe March 9, 2006
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As a venue booking manager, I use Boogi to book bands and djs.
by Roman Ataman October 31, 2015
a 70s ish term meaning DANCE!!!!!!!
see jackson 5 song, blame it on the boogy (lyrics make no sense but hey)
"dnt blame it on sunshine,
dnt blame it on the moonlite,
dnt blame it on the good times,
blame it on the boogy"
boogy on the dancefloor
by blameitontheboogy May 17, 2004
The Scottish equivalent of "booger". Pronounce (bo-gie)
Aeeee! you ate your boogie
by B.P.S July 8, 2017