No one likes the boody so I'll just throw them away.
by Tyris Flare November 1, 2009
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Soft, squashable, nice to touch and generally amusing.

To say this as Claire did, you should say it fairly fast, slightly chanted and pronounce amusing as 'ameowsing'
'My hamster was boody'
'I really fancy George Best, he's boody'
by Squarel March 9, 2006
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a made up romantic relationship between Woody and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story
Person 1: I ship woody and buzz.
Person 2: What would there ship name be?
Person 1: I guess it would be boody or wuzz.
Person 2: i like boody #boodyforever
by boody234 July 15, 2019
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the tessa/declan way of saying big booty ho with my balls in her mouth
riding round town looking for a boody
by Tessa November 21, 2004
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booty Boody is the traditional spelling for the word booty. The spelling 'booty' became the accepted spelling at 70's band KC and the Sunshine Band had a popular hit called Shake Your Booty.
"Man, she's got a big boody"
by JimmyCatfish June 22, 2006
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An endearing term given by a girl to another girl when giving a compliment about their looks, complimenting their body and even their backside in a non-sexual way.
With that eyeshadow and lippy, you look twice as boodi
by SkyB July 25, 2011
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something that is garbage, not possible, or otherwise not cool!
"hey did you see the shot she just made?"
"Awwww man, that was boody!"
by Matt_n_Lish April 14, 2010
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