Very beaugtiful and good-looking
Wow, that girl is very booba. My dress for the dance, is soooo booba. beautiful
by EML&ANH June 15, 2017
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Cocaine. Blow. Rack. Charlie. Coco.
by Boobahed May 6, 2017
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A word that fat buck-teethed Japanese people use to refer to breasts.
Man, I just sucked on some saggy boobas!
by Stuhl Babe April 7, 2004
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A generic+lame copy and pasted term used by generic, internet hive mind zoomers to describe the breasts of a rather large woman who chases you around a castle in Resident Evil: The Village.
by Pottymouth1776 May 15, 2021
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Bulging fat roll usually found on obese women that resides above the stomach and below the cleavage area. In many cases the booba can extent further than the stomach or breasts due to pressure from clothing. Boobas are usually found on large women who dress poorly.
Wow look at size of the booba on that woman!
by Elight October 14, 2005
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Because Octopus' or babies attack!
A NJ thing, where people scream booba to make conversation, or get attention.
Mike: "So as I was saying.."
Amber: "BOOBA!"
Mike: "what?"
Amber: "Yea"
by secretcreeper August 6, 2011
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A french rapper whose real name is Ellie Yaffa. He was a member of the french hip-hop duo "Lunatic" and at that time he was making good music with his rapping partner "Ali". But then after releasing his first solo and only good album "Temps Mort" in 2002, he became arrogant and started making trash music using a boring accent and tone. After 2012, he only uses autotune in his music now, which makes it even more boring.
French rap fan : Booba is the greatest french rapper of all time.
Random guy : Fuck no ! His rap style sucks and his voice tone is boring. Fuck Booba, La Fouine is much better.
by Juan Marcia Cortez March 30, 2020
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