Misspelt version of boobs. It was used first in a 4chan thread when an anonymous 4channer replied to a thread with "booba" and an image of tuxedo pepe with its eyes stretched out.
- Hey what do you think of that girl there? She is pretty hot, right?
- Booba
by oyveyshutitdown October 19, 2020
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by pop y February 10, 2021
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A term of endearment associated with someone you love very much.
Shane's mom often calls her fans booba when she tweets them.
by balls2u January 8, 2012
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An individual of Dutch origin from the northern Lehigh Valley community of Lehighton, Pennsylvania
Larry: "Throw the cow over the fence some hay"
Chris: "Don't talk like such a booba"
by Carbon Lehigh March 5, 2012
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Barista that loves titties and stares at female's chest while taking orders
I heard boobas don't look at faces.

That barista is such a booba... he spelled booba on my boba drink.

I really hate boobas... they creep me out.

I can't even order my drink because he is such a booba!
by bbasae October 20, 2014
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