Barista that loves titties and stares at female's chest while taking orders
I heard boobas don't look at faces.

That barista is such a booba... he spelled booba on my boba drink.

I really hate boobas... they creep me out.

I can't even order my drink because he is such a booba!
by bbasae October 20, 2014
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a person who is fucked up in the head and dont know what to do in sex
by princess walker April 5, 2010
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A male individual void of all common sense and constantly pushing the boundaries of stupidity, whilst simultaneously being an absolute bro.
Man, Henry and me are tight; he's super chill but he's such a fucking booba.
by jll986 December 18, 2016
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boobae is a combination between boo and bae basically means shes your everything!
guy: hey boobae whats up!
girl: talking to you boobae!
by Steelixyy July 2, 2014
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What i like to touchy wouchy
example : I touched booba yesterday, it was nice
by mona panda (asthma) May 4, 2021
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when you can't decide whether to use boo or bae
Girlfriend: Hey boo!
Boyfriend: Hey bae!

Boyfriend: or maybe I should say boobae?
by uesugi September 29, 2014
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