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Show hosted by autist Nick Mullen, obese toothless man Stavros Halkias, and gay bug Adam Friedland. The best podcast for knowing about tube and square.
Person one:"Im a left-leaning individual, but i do like the idea of a Chinese Jew"

Person two: "Go on Cum Town dude."
by American Tai Bo May 24, 2018
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a gay podcast for people who are gay with their fathers
me: i sucked my dads dick and swallered his cum

therapist: why?

me: well this podcast called cum town said it would be funny
by break da law November 08, 2018
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When characters have sex in a fanfiction that is so OOC that the only way for the fic to be possible is if it exists in some twisted alternate dimension.
Yeah, Seto and Jounochi totally went to Cumtown in that crappy fic I read the other day.

The characters were so OOC that the fic must have taken place in Cumtown.
by LuaM64 December 23, 2011
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