A person who has born in Bolivia, South America. Party lover, kind, hard working and passionate person, always put the family first.
Those bolivian guys are really fun!
by thisisenoying February 16, 2012
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where Mike Tyson went after getting his clock cleaned by Lennox Lewis in 2002.
"I guess I'll just fade into bolivian..."
by SiliconHero May 3, 2003
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Usually a hard working farmer that rots in a South American jail because the United States has a drug problem.
Bolivian coca is just as good as Columbian coca- the demand from the gringos continues to grow.
by Johnny Juicypants August 13, 2003
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Yo, did you get any bolivians for this weekend?
by zachwolff October 15, 2003
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A lady's full compliment of pubic hair.

Antonym: Brazilian
Cynthia: I am going to get a wax, do you want to come and get one too?
Chloe: No thanks, I am growing a Bolivian
by poidah February 16, 2011
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An untoasted, un-sliced, whole bagel served with the cream cheese on top. It is customary to eat the danish in a spiral manner rather than from one edge to the other. Some proponents are said to stick their finger through the bagel “hole”, pushing excess cream cheese through.
by Oh En Three Pea October 8, 2018
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Another term for cocaine, can also be called Peruvian flake.
I came across some real Bolivian flake lately and decided to buy a ball.
by TheOldPornStar August 27, 2017
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