adj. Physically attractive. Arousing or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest.
That girl over there looks eminently boneable.
by adamisaspaz March 5, 2003
Something that you can bone or something worth boning

boning = f*cking in this use
"that chick over there in the pink top is bonable"

that Fleshlight is bonable
by Ryguy Whits (thanks to M.W.) September 26, 2004
a girl that is sexy enough for you to bone
#1 wow bro i jus saw this girl she is sexy.
#2 well is she boneable?
#1 yup yup
by wordupguru December 27, 2010
adj. how one would describe a girl who is attractive, especially if said girl is voluptuous

Man, Jess is totally boeable!
by Reese May 9, 2003
boneable: a whore that is easy to have sex with
that lady right there is very boneable
by pimp down September 13, 2009
A term used to vulgarly describe the beauty of an attractive female. Generally used by young males describing young women.
"Hey man that girl has some serious bonability."
"Yeah man... I would just-"
"Ok, I got cha, bra."
by ColdVantage February 22, 2005