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Bone dry is a phrase commonly used to describe any person that is any of the following: twisted, wasted, high, fucked, trippin, shroomin, ripped, comatose, smashed and general retardedness of any non handicap persons. See also several advanced states including but not limited to; bonemotherfuckingdry, megabone, comabone and at times soberbone.
"Dude! You just fell on your face! Your bone dry!"

"Some bonemotherfuckingdry jackass forgot my shoes."

"Dude is Casey megabone already? We just got here!"

"I can't remember last night, I must have been comabone"

"Some soberbone guy just gave me to much change, lets get bone."
by little blake May 22, 2008
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A person, subject or situation which is dull, tiresome, boring, mundane - causing the sufferers to sigh, raise their heads to the sky, and wish they were anywhere else but here or with this person.
That meeting achieved nothing, it was pointless and wasted my life, it was bone dry.

Conversations with Jeffry are painful, he is bone dry.

My job is bone dry.
by DaveyLarr May 05, 2011
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