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Bonc: pronounced "Bonk", also known as Bend Over Nikki Cox. Founded by the unique xbox live gamer GenCorndog back in 2000ish. This is usually accompanied by one other word which is "gay". Mind you, this makes no sense.
1) Bonc your gay!
2) You don't know what your talking about Bonc!
3) BONC!
4) My name is (your name here), I'm GAAAAY Boncity Bonc BONNNNNNC!
by Mark Portrais May 04, 2008
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A term used for black people who have well blackish names, names include Jamal,Vince,Tyler, Jackson, Vincent, ect.
It can also be used as a compliment, saying that you have a nice name.
Lmao shut up you bonc
You have such a nice bonc
by themanboy123whomy August 02, 2017
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