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When a girl gives a hand-job to a guy and then slaps his face with his cum still in her hand, spreading it all over his face - as a part of women's retaliation for all the nasty sexual things men do to them so they can tell their friends later (or write about it on urban dictionary...).
"He acted like such a douche last night I had to wet-slap him. He got the wet slap alright."

"Girl, I can't believe you just wet-slapped me!"
by UrbanGirl March 22, 2014

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An adjective combining the words glamour and delicious, and referring to a person looking amazingly attractive and sexy after dressing up for an important life even such as a high school prom, a wedding, the Oscars etc.
Adam: "Damn it Eve, you look so glamoulicious!"
Eve: "I sure do hope so, it's my wedding day!"
by UrbanGirl March 22, 2014

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when something is in like seriously cool hot sexy fit buff
that outfit iss sooo bonce
by urbangirl December 29, 2007

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