The sweetest person around.
Straight up bitch.
Alpha Female.
That bitch is C-Bomb Diggity!
by SlamFabulous February 24, 2009
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something awesome. VERY awesome.
"The Office" is the bomb diggity shit!" or
"The burritos from Taqueria La Bamba are the bomb diggity shit!"
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Something that is REALLY awesome. But to use this phrase it must be so awesome that it is indescribable.
1)My girl Kate was the first one to use the phrase "The bomb diggity bomb bomb". She's like the bomb diggity bomb bomb

2)(hears realy awesome song) OMG! That song is the bomb diggity bomb bomb!
by Lala13 September 20, 2008
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The feeling you get when you eat a scrumptious frozen snack straight out the freezer. It's the kind of frozen snack that people respond with "Why are you eating that frozen!!?" Yum.
by Lollipopcicle January 11, 2012
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this would be the long version of bomb diggity, which means super cool; awesome; the best thing ever. i am not sure if my brother somehow made this up or if it is use elsewhere.
damn, that movie was the bomb diggity smack wack attack!
by katie w August 22, 2005
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