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1. a mans testicles
2. expression -'oh-no'
3. an insult
4. telling a person that they are lying (watever)
5. a compliment

other known spellings- bollocks, bollex, bolocks, bowlock, bowlecks, bollecks, bolox and bollox
1. "im gonna kick him in the bolex!"
2. "it isnt working" "bolex!"
3. go suck cock u bolex-ass-shit
4. "i cant come tonight, im ill"- "bolex u are ill!"
5. "awww u shouldnt of done this, u crazy lil bolex u!"
by chellybaby February 06, 2004
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a)A common camera given to film students to make their first film (Typically in introductory classes); it picks up motion but no sound whatsoever.

b)The bane of existence for all film students, typically in regards to how to properly operate the goddamn thing.
a)Film professor: You will shoot your films with a Bolex.

b)Student: You know, I think I'd rather major in math...
by trentlane October 24, 2010
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Meaning a bullshit rolex
in essence, a fake rolex or folex, Bought of the streetz for 5+ bucks.

Man 1 : "how much for a watch?"
Man 2: "20 bucks takes it all!"
Man 1: "What! a bolex for 20! Thats whack!"
by Spade713 April 16, 2005
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n. the line of hair that runs from the belly button leading down to the pubes, aka treasure trail

bulBOL(Tagalog for pubic hair) + EXtension = BOLEX
Bryan's BOLEX makes Tim's mangina wet.
by boy kangkang April 02, 2008
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