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A word that replaces the boring term sex or a euphemism when talking with your friends to do with anything sexual.
Did you bok choy with her?

Let's go get some bok choy tonight!

I need my bok choy now!

Do you like your bok choy hard or soft?
by James Zenger October 28, 2006
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by Hukra March 14, 2009
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Tf is with all these stupid ass definitions. Cmon y'all let's be real here, bok choy is a vegetable, a type of Chinese cabbage to be precise. When translated from Cantonese, it literally means "white vegetable".

It is not just endemic to China, but to the rest of Southeast Asia. You will find it in many Chinese dishes as well as Korean dishes. And it is in fact quite delicious (light to the palate) and far less odorous compared to ordinary cabbage, brussel sprouts, and even broccoli.

Technically the only right definition here is from IkEe, just minus the lame shit he said afterwards. And Un Jong Kim over there is just trolling real hard.
Midway Convo
Sarah: Oh okay
Alice: So what're you having for dinner tonight?
Sarah: Just thinking about whipping up some Caesar salad with roasted brussel sprouts
Alice: Ugh I hate brussel sprouts. Do you actually enjoy eating them though, especially roasted?
Sarah: Eh it's alright
Alice: Girl what you need is bok choy. It's much less bitter-tasting than brussel sprouts and has absolutely no nasty smell to it. It's very light and crispy, perfect for a salad.
Sarah: Boy choy? Never heard of it.
Alice: ... you serious? Man I need to take you to the Chinese supermarket!
Sarah: Hahaha okay, I will definitely buy some when I'm at the supermarket tomorrow.
via giphy
by UltimateDoge December 29, 2020
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a Chinese jelly like desert that tastes of and looks of milk pudding.
Also known as Bok Choi (in Australia)
Tastes horible and disliked by many non -Chinese people.
Chinese man: " Lets go eat some yummy Bok Choy"
Aussie: "I don't like Bok Choy, Sorry"
by Un Jong Kim March 15, 2017
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A vegetable that is unheard of in Caucasian culture, and is deemed to be a disgusting vegetable for many people.(not necessarily all people.)

A person who is a failure at life, an arrogant egotist, and is a show-off that never does anything right. This name is deemed to the school loner, or the person who gets pissed off that the most randomest things. This person will talk to himself, touch people's hair for no reason, and go on angry tangents and choke people just because he/she feels like it.

Can be used as a noun, or adjective
"Wow, what a bok choy."

"I can't believe Bok Choy actually insulted a teacher."

"I saw Bok Choy at school...FML"

"Did Bok Choy just got his face caked??
Yep...he deserved it."

"Hi, Bok Choy."

"uh........okay...i didn't do anything"
by IkEeEeElYou January 03, 2010
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americanised cantonese- referring to veggies that good asian children with slanty eyes and high conduct marks actually enjoy feasting upon. It is white-green and when lightly salted, admittedly quite savorly indeedy.
tsee seen jai, ney sic mm sic ney gaw bok choy AAH???
by HumbyPumby July 14, 2004
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