a word in the Alexa ditctionary.
1. beyond random, the most random random can get.
1. that was the totallyest randomest thing ever!
by ADD April 19, 2005
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The most random in a series of random objects (all within the same category).
I'm playing the randomest game right now, about a penguin attacking a duck.
by Sadie F. June 11, 2006
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used as an emphasis of the word Random; used instead of the word Random
ex. Can be used to describe something, "Sally is telling the most randomest story I've ever heard!"

ex. Can be used to describe an action, "Someone jumped off a car into a garbage can!" "Gee wiz! That's the randomest thing I've heard all day!"

ex. Can be used to describe someone, "That kid has got to be the most randomest kid I've ever known!"

NOTE: Does not need the word 'most' infront of it.
by Storvick January 9, 2006
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