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one definition: boj means vagina if your saying hrvys boj.

second definition : boj if your talking about someone cute you could say my little boj
oh look it’s harvey, Scarlett’s little boj
by ella <3 January 13, 2019
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Originating from Bob Jones University, a person who is paid by the administration to rat out other students. Also, someone who holds no position of authority, yet still thinks it's his or her job to enforce the rules. Someone who does hold a position of authority that goes on a power trip, and/or loses friends because of enforcing petty rules.
Oh my God, Jordan Smith is such a boj. I'll burn incense if I want!
by personjfreak October 24, 2008
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Black Out Juice

BOJ, pronounced "Bawzh", is the term to identify any wine or juice that causes a person to quickly black out and wake up on the floor with no remembrance of the happenings the night before. Primarily red wine. Commonly shitty red wine. Most commonly Citra (purple stripe), purchased from a mini-mart ran by a sex-addict midget with mommy issues.
"Man, I BOJ'd the fuck out last night."

"Let's get some BOJ and watch Anaconda or hit the club & shit."
by Lil Bromio January 08, 2014
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A job in which one does nothing constructive during the time spent at work.
-babysitting younger teenagers: boj
-working at a Ford dealership: boj
-working in real estate: boj
by very urban October 04, 2009
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