When something is both bogus and negative at the same time.

Bogative is a portmanteau that combines the words bogus and negative.
What happened was such a bogative situation.
by DiskDaemon November 21, 2011
A state in which one's crypto trades go so poorly as to be explainable only by the intervention of an omniscient and likely malevolent entity
I bought Ethereum at 1300$ and it crashed to 300$ two days later, I think I just got bogged.
by 3looy April 12, 2018
In trading and investing: A state in which one's trades go so poorly as to be explainable only by the intervention of an omniscient and likely malevolent entity. Presumably, Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff.
Trader: I shorted bitcoin @ $6500 dollars then it instantly went to $8000. In my panic, I closed my short and opened a long then it immediately went down to $7500 in a span of 5 minutes. I literally got bogged.
by raizumaraiz April 15, 2018
The process of refusing to believe any logical thought/reasoning and create a theory based on no hard facts. The theory is usualy based on a forum post or a paragraph someone once read which was meaningless and untrue. Even if hard facts are presented to discourage the bog theory or totally falsify it, the individual refuses to accpet the truth.
Bog1 "Larry David is gay, i once read something somewhere about him being gay, therefore he's gay.

Bog2 "The correct English is not 'must have' it's 'must of', i just read a post on the internet which contained it.

Bog3 "Time doesn't exist, no as in i've built up a theory based on all the knowledge i've gathered over time and even though all logical reasoning proves that it is false, i continue to try and prove otherwise.
by MustOf February 25, 2008
A statement presented as fact, designed to mislead for political purposes, which can neither be proved to be true, nor false.
These are bogative statements:

"We can't afford to let the smoking gun be a mushroom cloud."

"Social Security will be bankrupt, long before you will ever see a dime...you can get a better return on your money, by investing in the stock market."

"Marijuana is dangerous precisely because it is so benign...it's a gateway drug."

"Pepper spray is essentially a food product."
by Abu al-Amok November 22, 2011