Ainsley raced quickly to the bog as she had to throw up.
by Babydoll75 February 26, 2019
You are bogging.
That shirt is bogging.
by benji April 2, 2003
AN Australian term for Car body filler, known as Bondo in the U.S.
That car looked clean as online, but when I looked at it in person, it was full of bog
by Bubba Zanetti January 13, 2020
- You: Bog?
- Me: Yis.
- You: Ahhhhh
- Me: Aaahhhhhhhhh
- You: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
by OnlyAfterHours March 5, 2022
Means to stare.

response could be "don't know it's not labelled
What are you BOGGING at?
by TVTV August 8, 2017
The place where people shit out poos
Here man where's the bogs in this place? I need to shit out a poo!
by Swissy swearney October 27, 2013
dude, that bogs...sorry to hear you didn't pass math
by aids_831 November 16, 2010