She's gone now
Oh yea she put 8000 on her snap story
by Pyrombie May 11, 2021
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This unique piece of electronic equipment was born in 1997 by Roland Corporation and is mostly known for making trance music more popular, and putting supersaw mega-trance on the map with its signature supersaw sound produced by seven detuned saw-waves all played at once.

Despite being used to make trance DJs and producers rich, it is actually quite an intricate and beautiful analog modeling synthesizer which originally came loaded with many Jazz-fusion oriented patches that are a far cry from the restless, overrated noise that is trance music.
The JP-8000 is an analog modeling synthesizer.
by Nimrod Nineveh November 17, 2009
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The newest form of getting circumsizion without risking your penis getting destroyed by a botched operation when you were a newborn child.
Sex obsessed girl: Hey.. when we had a one night stand i remember you had depressingly long foreskin... what happened to it?

Dude: Oh, just used my new Autocircumsizer 8000... didnt wanna risk getting a botched penis operation.
by Uncircumsized Penis March 27, 2019
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What Goku's power level is in the manga.
ITS OVER 8000!!!
by DragonBall_Boi December 4, 2017
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An automatic machine who chops off 14 year olds pp’s off; used commonly on kids named Jason, Jayden, or Andrew.
Andrew; oh me pp eater 8000 is so nice I’m finna stick my post in it
by GrandSider November 6, 2020
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when a somebody gives a guy mad head slurps their dick like theres no tomorrow and then spits their seed into their ear with making elaphaunt noises.
"Did you hear jenny gave jared the double gluck slurp 8000?"
by bornedmcbeef January 4, 2021
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