Boffer a type of weapon used in L.A.R.P.s and ren fighting. typicaly the are made from 1/2 or 3/4 pvc piping wrapped in pipe foam. they are then fitted with a tip of open cell foam of between 1 to 4 inches. then wrapped in duct tape or kite tape.
He hit me with a boffer sword.
by telos_ March 2, 2004
A real fat bastard, often a pie merchant.
'you fat boffer'
Or, just look at someone and say 'boffer'
by theMaddog October 13, 2005
A person with tinnitus who gives poor advice about tinnitus and is obsessed with giving habituation platitudes. The word is a reference to Jastreboff, the researcher who started Tinnitus Retraining Therapy, a therapy dedicated to habituation platitudes.
r/tinnitus and facebook are full of boffers. You're not gonna get any good advice there
by MPPpostingplace December 30, 2020
A person that uses and/or buys items from the website
All the people who use the Boffer website are "boffers".

He/She uses; they are a Boffer
by bungleuk November 24, 2008
A guy who fucks a loaf of bread and then fucks his girlfriend who has celiac disease. Celiac disease is an intolerance to gluten and wheat related foods that can be deadly. The term is possibly referred to in the Frank Zappa song "Broken Hearts are for Assholes."
Anders bread-boffed his girlfriend but she's okay.
by Samuel Peter April 20, 2005
One of the male gender who likes to participate in oral sex with others of the male gender. See pole smoker.
George Takai is a bologna boffer.
by Tata Toothy October 18, 2006
singular of sandals often worn in the arid parts of the Middle East.
"get the drinks in Jonno, I've got a mouth on me like a Bethlehem boffer boot!"
by angry bry February 27, 2009