a dance move in which the entire body goes through a wavelike motion focusing on hips
On that dance floor damn if Theresa didn't show off that hot body by punctuating her dancign with the occasional body roll.
by Annette Chale January 5, 2005
Automotive term, used to describe how far a vehicle will pitch over to each side when making turns. More body is genrally produced when taking a turn at higher speeds than normal. SUV's are notorius for this due to their high ground clearance and high centre of gravity.
My Cadillac body rolls like a mofo, I need to get my suspension replaced!
by 2dFx June 26, 2006
This is a Frisbee freestyle technique that involves rolling a Frisbee overr various parts of the body.
The most common disc or Frisbee Body Roll is rolling the disc or Frisbee across out stretched arms, over the chest, or back. (chest or back roll)
by Freestyle Frisbee February 22, 2012
Body rolls plural noun
A term used to describe aspects of the feminine figure, otherwise referred to as boobs, tits, or mammaries. Term originates from online video, but was colloquially coined by Saxophone player Gwen Kester in a presentation of the aforementioned youtube video.
Guy 1: Yo dude did you see that chick?
Guy 2: Yeah bro she had some huuuuuge body rolls.

Girl 1: Those perverts were talking about my body rolls like I wouldn't hear them. They need to learn some respect
by LordOfPoon420 November 27, 2016
In 1975 Ken Westerfield invented a Frisbee freestyle move call body rolls, (rolling the disc across out stretched arms and chest, or back), then introduced the move at a North American Series (NAS) tournament in Rochester, NY called the AFDO, (American Flying Disc Open). The hottest move of the day was called the Canadian Mind Blower. Westerfield would roll the Frisbee across out stretched arms and chest, to out stretched arms across the back (front to back roll). Today body rolls are an integral part of every freestyle routine
Articles on Frisbee body rolls are in several Wikipedia and FPA ( Freestyle Players Association) history of freestyle.
by Disc Sports July 28, 2012