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An inventive and innovative software engineer. Commonly heard throughout the video game industry.
Dude, if only we had a Kester to help us finish this title.
by skookum42 February 04, 2010
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A guy who is a friend to everyone. He has a likeable, easy-going personality. He has a lot of enthusiasm, and tries to live life with a smile, even if he doesn't feel like it. Despite this, Kester is a genuine guy. He isn't afraid to be honest about his feelings, and he will ask for help when he needs it. Out of consideration, however, he tries to be brief with what he says. He wants to listen to others, instead of focusing on himself. But when his friends need help, he is always there to aid them with advice. Whenever he shows up, people are quick to notice. Many give him a big welcome.
Me: "Hey, there's Kester."

Friend: "Oh, really?"

Us: "Hey, Kester!"
by hatless hair May 07, 2018
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Kester is a sweet heart who has a big heart,he makes me smile and laugh and listerns to me on facetime ,hes a handsome boy with braids Xx
Heey kester,your dank b 😁
by Hbbjdodb1279 July 26, 2018
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The term used when you waqnt to describe someone who loves power and craves it and misues it. A Kester is also someone who is stereotypically weird. They usually like weird things such as how the aerodynamics of an aeroplane impact upon the air speed of a boeing 747 when you take into considerstion the altitude and fuel economy as well as flight plan on route to a Southern Atlantic island while the pilot is experiencing G Force 6. This makes a Kester a keen member of the RAF regiment. A kester also loves to help others out, such as putting chairs out for assembly or telling people to do their top buttons up or putting people in a DT. All of these things gives a Kester enormous satisfaction and it serves as a reminder to other people that a Kester is in charge, sort of like a dictatorship. Among other things, a Kester takes enormous pleasure and enjoyment from standing in front of 600 freezing cold school children on an open tarmaced area and shouting orders at them, sort of like what happened in the 1920's. This form of corporal punishment is given the friendlier name of 'marching' as decided by the Kester. At the end of all this, a Kester will sit down with his boss in a dark locked room and the rest is left for your imagination.
'Our Head of School is such a Kester. Why does he love being such a power-happy douche. Why doesn't he just chill out and stop sucking the Heady's dick??' -Person 1

'I know!! What a fucking Kester. There are so many ways that Kester is like Hitler. Have you ever realised that Kester is a Kester?' -Person 2

'No way!! I hadn't realised that before. Maybe someone named it after him because he's such a power-happy douche!!' -Person 1

'Possibly. He deserves it. What a wanker.' -Greg

'Oh no, there's a Kester about. We are going to get in fucking DT's coz he's such a gimp!!' -Moak
by Graham 1993 January 10, 2011
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