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short for "bitch nigga" or a young black lady who is annoying or complains too much; can also be applied to black people in general
"Shut up, bn!"----as in "Shut up, ho!"
by jon bon jovster April 29, 2003
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The abbreviated version of Bloomington-Normal, twin cities in Central Illinois. Also, the name of a tanning salon: B-N Tanning.
How are things in B-N?

Mom, can you make me an appointment at B-N Tanning for after school?
by JessiEn May 06, 2006
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a nickname you give to someone who is being a bitch nigga...B.N. comes from the initials of bitch nigga
"damn Stephanie why you actin like a dumb ass B.N.?"
by stone mcgregor October 14, 2007
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txt language for "being' or "been" as b.n. even sounds like 'been' or "be'n"
dude: wtf how can ppl think bn = 'bitch nigga' dats fukdup
dudess: yea ino we bn txtn 4longa dan doz mudafukaz hu use prediktxt!
by lozory May 19, 2008
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