Cyka Blyat is probably the most common word you will hear if you ever play CS:GO

It Means 'Whore Bitch' In Russian
When someone Dies "Cyka Blyat!"
When Someone Kills Someone "Cyka Blyat!"
When Someone Joins The Game "Cyka Blyat!"
When Someone moves "Cyka Blyat!"
by JACKJONES247 May 2, 2016
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Russian for something between "bitch" and "fucking bitch"

"cyka" means "bitch"
"blyat" is a generic amplifier word like "to fuck"

Note: "blyad" with a "d" means "whore", illiterate native speakers(a common occurrence in all languages) think it is related, but it's not.

The exact meaning cannot be translated because of grammar differences.

The distance between "bitch" and "to fuck" displays the amount of displeasement the speaker shows towards the person in question, ranging between rage when both words are close, to a mild displeasement, when the amplifier word is at the end of the sentence. Problem is, English must obey sentence structure, and uses a workaround by attaching the amplifier word to other words, saying "a fucking store" the speaker doesn't care about the store at all, he just uses it as a foundation to bind the amplifier "to fuck". In Russian, however, grammar is baked into a word, so you can use them anywhere without losing structural integrity.

But what if the sentence doesn't have any helper words? English is helpless in this case, because there is nowhere to attach amplifier words. Russian however you can still detach "to fuck" and place is elsewhere so "fucking bitch" becomes "bitch fucking", which is slightly less insultive. This creates a small rift and the expression becomes impossible to translate 100%.
"this fucking bitch went to a store" - "this blyat cyka went to a store"
"this bitch fucking went to a store" - "this cyka blyat went to a store"
"this bitch went to a fucking store" - "this cyka went blyat to a store"
by kkk13255 May 11, 2017
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cyka blyat is a inproper slur of Russain words usually meaning "whore bitch". This term is usaully shouted multiple hundreds of times per day in European CS GO servers. Originated in the CS GO community but has since spread to other games, mainly in the PC gaming community. A dank meme.
British Person: Hello everyone, I hope that you'r all having a very lovely day!
9 other Russains in the lobby: cyka blyat
by are memes an instrument? November 30, 2015
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The one thing russians always say in cs:go whenever they die, get mad or you die.
Russian: Noob team cyka blyat!
by MrFreebie July 19, 2015
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Meaning "whore bitch" in Russian. Commonly screamed by angry Russians in CS:GO.

B: "glhf" "CYKA BLYAT"
by Master of Baiting June 30, 2016
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A word used by angry Russians to portray their anger in a game, originally meaning "fuck whore"
You win a 1v4 clutch 14v15: "CYKA BLYAT SILVER NOOB TEAM FUCK YOU"
by RussianPro May 20, 2016
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