n. cross between "utter" and "blab/blubber/bluster" and such. Meant to convey a sense of poorly chosen words spoken in passion.
Bernie: She said what she heard wouldn't be hearsay. She looked it up. We were arguing, so it would qualify as an excited blutterance.
Alan Shore: Blutterance isn't even a word, much less a defense! You murdered someone over a fake word!

-Alan Shore (James Spader) Boston Legal
by k80theshade March 4, 2009
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A Scottish word meaning severely drunk or pissed.
Jamie came hame fae the pub last night and he wis totally bluttered!

Wife: You're no goin oot again, last night ye were bluttered!
by prof_evil January 27, 2011
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Conversion of the terms 'bloody' and 'butters'. Used to describe someone or something that is exceptionally or disgustingly ugly!
1. Urgh man did you see that Zoe girl from the girls school?
2. Ye dude, she was fucking blutters.
by Ben Langford September 17, 2007
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Corey: Wow, Joey really seems like such a bluttering kind of person.
Joey: I am not!
by HarleyQuinntheawesome January 6, 2013
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