The act of driving while listening to James Blunt at ear piercing decibels.
That dude in the Camry is totally blunting.
by Wallyum May 8, 2009
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"Look at those blunters."

"Hey look, theyre blunting, let's go take a hit."
by Sarahb00 January 31, 2009
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noun: blunt; plural noun: blunts
a hollowed-out cigar filled with cannabis.
Adam: Pass me the blunt dude.

James: OK bro!
by CannabisKings April 3, 2019
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Getting extremely emotional whilst smoking a doob and listening to James Blunt
“ any plans for the evening?
Just gonna have a blunt and blunt
by HFTravioli February 10, 2022
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When a person is blunt, just remember; they are not joking, and they prefer not to try and edge it around to make it sound easy. They tell it straight, and will always tell it straight. Even if your feelings are gonna be hurt, who gives a damn, take it like a wo/man.
Troy: Damn, I guess that was pretty blunt how John told that girl he didn't want to go out with her.

Jake, (Blunt Person): Who gives a fuck? It was online anyway.
by Jay RH February 5, 2013
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Cigar hollowed out and filled with marijuana, can be smoked in public (somewhat)inconspicuously.
Montel was sittin' on the porch all day, sippin' his 40 and smokin' blunts.
by Loremaster September 17, 2002
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1. to be straight up about something
2. to be honest even though it might hurt you
1. in sorry to be so blunt but you got to realize that he doesnt care about any of your feelings.
by melinda123 February 20, 2007
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