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A person wearing a Bluetooth earpiece whose aura of self-importance demands all of your time and attention, yet will ignore you completely to answer an incoming call; a person resembling a Borg drone due to wearing a bulky, asinine-looking Bluetooth earpiece, except Borg drones are more creative and interesting
The bluehole stood in the aisle tapping his foot; as soon as I arrived to wait on him he ignored me to take a call.
by Niggardly Eisenhower October 01, 2006
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Links on websites, mostly Wikipedia, which send you to pages with more links on them. Time consuming and inescapable, they are the internet equivalent of a black hole.
-Why are you so tired?
-I got stuck in a blue hole last night. I started on Richard Dawkins and ended on the belt system of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It took me two hours.
by dghmxs November 14, 2010
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1)A person who while wearing a bluetooth wireless earpiece goes into a rant with the person they are speaking to. 2)An aggravated Bluetool.
Sue: Did you see that jerk screaming on his bluetooth, what a bluetool.

Ralph: No... he is a blueHOLE!
by Root-San May 15, 2007
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