A person who wears a bluetooth wireless earpiece everywhere they go to seem trendy and important. Places to spot bluetools include movie theaters, malls, restaurants, gyms, grocery stores and cars.
Bluetool: Heyyy, how are you?

Megan: I'm great, and yourself?

Bluetool: Oh, sorry Megan. I wasn't talking to you, I'm on a call. Bluetooth.
by Orchard August 1, 2006
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A person who wears his/her bluetooth all the time, even when it is unneccesary. Making him/her look like a real tool.
Jarhead and I saw some bluetool at the city park yesterday sitting on the grass with his bluetooth headset on.
by Cheweysmoker August 6, 2008
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Someone who uses their bluetooth headset to listen to music, thus giving the appearace to those who don't realize this that they're just showing off that they have one. Actually, they're just people smart enough to realize that Ipods earphones have cords and you can do just as much with a decent cellphone.
A: look at that dude, he's a such a bluetool.
B: uh, he's probably just listening to music.
A: oh...
by Mr. Ken January 4, 2008
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