The infamous modeling move in one of the funniest films ever: Zoolander.
Gee, Blue Steel really does look nothing like magnum
by Gretal August 21, 2005
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A slang term used to define a gun. such as Gat.
betta watch out nigga before i let of some blue steel.
by gunit April 10, 2005
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"If you don't shut yo mouth I'ma give you a taste of my blue steel!
by Losti March 22, 2005
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When you get a raging boner that lasts all day because you don't have a chance to get rid of it.
My morning teacher's tits gave me a bad case of day-long blue steel.
by Iceman16 October 20, 2006
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When a girl or anything else causes you to get a boner, but you never get the chance to have sex or cum. Often tied to sexual frustration. Can come in conjunction with blue balls.
She was leading me on, only to bail out at the last minute, man I've got a bad case of blue steel.

It's already 2:30 and I still have boner from this morning, I guess I have blue steel
by Anonymous reality June 16, 2015
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Originally from the movie "Zoolander". When doing a "Blue Steel", you model in front of the mirror, striking looks at yourself. Commonly used by Male Models.
"You dont look like a model..."
"Yea dude! I do Blue Steels all the time!"
by TPMG February 10, 2008
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a mix of ecstasy and Viagra
Entering a bar at the Jersey shore, you'll be greeted by a tightly packed sardine can of sweaty, shirtless freaks on coke or Blue Steel.
by Rubeius February 6, 2012
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