14 definitions by Phrenesicko Decapitate

A word to describe locals who do not attend the school but hang out on campus to appear as if they do.
There was a bumrush of townies at the kegger last night.
by Phrenesicko Decapitate May 25, 2005
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The act or literally throwing down a gauntlet or glove as a challenge to a duel, joust or other form of battle or throw down.
Colonel Sanders was going to throw down the gauntlet when his fried chicken did not win the blue ribbon.
by Phrenesicko Decapitate May 23, 2005
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A phrase used the SNL Coneheads to describe the consumption of food and beverages by enhaling whole bags of potato chips and six-packs at a time.
Please join us in the consumption of "mass quantities".
by Phrenesicko Decapitate May 23, 2005
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A word to describe self conceited trendy kids who post their own image to the define the word scene.
Urban dictionary has a catalog of anonymous gloomy scene kids all over it.
by Phrenesicko Decapitate June 1, 2005
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A person who smokes alot of pot or smokes a joint really fast. Similar to bogart.
by Phrenesicko Decapitate May 22, 2005
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