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A tradional Scandinavian name, originating from the Bible. Despite its popularity, it is little known that the name means 'Tax collector of Yahweh'. People who go by this name tend to have sensitive dispositions, but are worth the patience.

Virtues include intelligence, pleasant facial features, high levels of charm and occasionally long blonde hair resembling that of their viking ancestors. Mattias will have a sound sense of perspective, and realise the important things in life, as well as having a profound level of communication, both written and oral. Has a congenital tendency towards geekiness.
"That Mattias clubbed me over the head with his axe yesterday. I didn't really mind, he's kinda cute."
by 0042 February 08, 2007
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A guy that's very sweet with his girl. He's verry charming, also can make a girl easily fall in love with. Likes to walk around without a shirt. Usually Brazilian or a Spaniard. Verry fit, & hot. Also very smart in some subjects. Sexy.
Maria: "Who are you dating?"
Kaila: "Mattias"
Maria: "Mattias?! WOAH. i would love to date a Mattias !!"
by hide&seek14345 December 10, 2010
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Mattias is a very tall boy usually around 6 foot, he loves basketball, and he has a very dirty humour. If you date him, he will be very nice to you, he will treat you like a fucking queen! He will give you all his attention all the time!
Who are you dating?
Oh my god! You are?! Youโ€™re so lucky
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