blows it blows doors means that something is really cool or of good quality. (San Francisco, Marin Co expression).
That car blows doors. This song blows doors.
by Jimmy The Saint May 16, 2006
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Man we were blowing doors after everyone ate that last pill.
by djtime August 4, 2006
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Another slang term used to describe feeling the intense effects of MDMA (Ecstasy).

To be rolling on MDMA(Ecstasy) super hard. Most intense feeling or peak of an MDMA experience. Can either be used to describe coming up very rapidly on the drug in the beggining of an MDMA experience, or to reach a peak or plateau of an MDMA experience.
We're gonna blow doors tonight.

Are you guys blowing doors tonight, we sure are.
by D.Rock December 28, 2006
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A phase meaining to rock extremely hard to the point where the doors blow down
by Annihalation December 29, 2009
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What the rock duo known as Tenacious D had to do in order to defeat Satan.

adj. A state of intense hardcore rocking. Usually resultant in faces melting.
JB- Come on Kage, now its time to blow doors down.
KG- Im with you Jables, now its time to blow doors down.
JB- Light up the stage now its time for a showdown.
KG- We'll bend you over and we'll take you to brown town.
by Beezleboss1 August 27, 2008
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1. To speed past another car.
2. To beat a car in a race. Usually used when a person won by a large margin.
"That guy wanted to race me...I blew his doors off."
"He wants to race me and the only thing he has on is a muffler. I would blow the doors off that piece of shit."
by Ricer von Chopsticks September 20, 2013
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V. -the act or action of absolutely decimating an object, person, place, or thing.
"Were about to blow the doors off this party"

"Hey, wanna come over tonight"
"Yeah, i'm gonna blow your doors off"

"I shouldn't have eaten all those tacos last night dude, I just blew the doors off that toilet"

"We literally Blew the doors off the condo"

"Bro did you hook up with that chick last night?"
"Dude, I blew her fucking doors off"
"Dude Suh"
by The Original Dirty Goat April 24, 2016
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