1. To speed past another car.
2. To beat a car in a race. Usually used when a person won by a large margin.
"That guy wanted to race me...I blew his doors off."
"He wants to race me and the only thing he has on is a muffler. I would blow the doors off that piece of shit."
by Ricer von Chopsticks September 20, 2013
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V. -the act or action of absolutely decimating an object, person, place, or thing.
"Were about to blow the doors off this party"

"Hey, wanna come over tonight"
"Yeah, i'm gonna blow your doors off"

"I shouldn't have eaten all those tacos last night dude, I just blew the doors off that toilet"

"We literally Blew the doors off the condo"

"Bro did you hook up with that chick last night?"
"Dude, I blew her fucking doors off"
"Dude Suh"
by The Original Dirty Goat April 24, 2016
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Literally, to trigger an explosion in some sort of secure space, of sufficient strength to breach the doors and allow entry, usually for some nefarious purpose.

By extension: To exceed some form of convention, norm, or expectation by a wide margin, to the point of obliterating those expectations and redefining the conceptual space.

Popularized by Michael Caine's famous line from "The Italian Job" during a bungled burglary attempt: "You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!"
They've got no idea how much money 'Fast & Furious 6' is going to make this Holiday season. It's gonna blow the doors off!
by Fun Bobby 24601 September 4, 2015
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A rudimentary verbal expression of bliss, defined by a meathead (indigenous to the northeast region of the united states) who had the unbelievable fortune, of getting some action from a soon very regrettable chick.
One of Joey's many side chicks, went down on him in the front seat of the Eldo. Blowing his doors off while still in Park.
Also see meatwinner
by Guido4life December 29, 2016
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When in a Race. someone puts 4 or more car lengths on you.
The Car was so fast it blew your doors off as he was standing still! Blow Your Doors off
by Mustang Driver! April 28, 2010
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To give someone (male or female) a seriously good fuck in the ass. So good it blows the doors off.
Shabba "I'll blow your back doors off."
Fit Girl "Get away from me you freak."
by Alex "FatSage" November 2, 2006
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