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Getting a blow job while in a hot tub, or any other form of water. To be defined as a blowfish, the girl's head must be completely submurged under water, except to come up for air of course.
Girl: Wow this hot tub is nice.
Blowee: Yeah it is, have you ever given a blowfish?
Girl: No, what's that?
Blowee: I'll show you, here's a snorkle.
by sharkface August 04, 2009

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(n.) A brohawk is when a muscular male that frequently uses the words "bro", "dude", and "hella", combs his hair into the middle of his head to fabricate the look of a mohawk.
Dude: "Hey bro you ready to go to the gym?"
Bro: "Hella dude, just let me comb my brohawk real quick."
by sharkface August 08, 2009

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