The act that caused the Russian population to turn against the Czar in the early 20th Century. Over 2000 people went to the palace in a peaceful way to ask for more bread from their loving Czar Nicholas II, but the royal guard shot at them, killing between 200 and 1000.
"Bloody Sunday was why the Russian Revolution was inevitable."
by Elia July 05, 2005
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On 30th January 1972, a vast amount of Roman Catholics in Derry, Northern Ireland, demonstrated a Civil Rights march due to the fact the Catholics were being denied their human rights in most parts of Northern Ireland. The marchers were soon confronted by a blockade of heavily-armed British soldiers who refused to let them continue marching.Lets be realistic here, if you were firstly being denied your Civil Rights, and then prevented from continuing a peaceful march for your rights, you would be more than incensced. So the marchers began throwing sticks and bricks at the soldiers, who were armed with very lethal firearms. Why couldn't they just let them keep on marching? isn't it a bit fascist to deny someone the right to march in favour of their own rights? So then the troops, who knew full-well the effect of their weaponry, opened fire on the marchers, hitting 27 people and killing 13. The troops had lethal weaponry and protective gear on. And they murdered civilians with melee weapons, who were only trying to convince people that they were human beings with rights too.
Don't give me that 'paras are heros' crap. I am half-Irish and some of my family members died in that incident. The military are trained to handle situations professionally, and none of them were injured or killed on that day. Just goes to show that you can't start off something reasonable without some gung-ho arsehole angering you and breaching your rights.
by BadLieutenant September 01, 2004
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There were two Bloody Sundays in Ireland. The first happened in 1920, when an IRA group murdered some British agents because they were ordered to by Michael Colins. The British were pissed, so, they decided to get their revenge by starting a shoot-out at a football match. They killed about 15 Irish Civilians, and in the prisons elsewhere, a couple of IRA members were beaten to death.
The next happened in 1972, when Ireland was split in two, North was held by the British, and south by the Irish (like it is today) and the Irish Catholics in the North were discriminated very heavily, both in public, and in parliament. So, they staged a civil rights march through Derry, which annoyed the British, who murdered a majority of these protestors, all unarmed. This caused a bit of controversey which not a lot of people are happy about to this day.
Guy 1: Bloody Sunday sure wasn't very cool.
Guy 2: Which one?
Guy 1: Both.
by That Fancy Chap January 16, 2010
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Refers to the belief that Sunday is the worst day of the week because it’s farthest from the next weekend, plus the anxiety of going to work the next morning. To an extreme degree.

“If I don’t find a distraction to keep me occupied for bloody Sunday I may ledger myself.”
by Lauren Laf June 19, 2008
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eating out a woman while she is in the process of having a miscarriage
My girlfriend was having a miscarriage, so I decided to make it better for her by giving her a bloody sunday.
by David January 17, 2005
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Rejection from a partner despite hours of cuddling on a Sunday morning, which cause excessive blood flow to the genitals and result in an unfulfilled release.
"what do you mean we're not having sex?! You've been rubbing my cock for the past three hours! Oh bloody Sunday..."
by Failedwalk August 14, 2011
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A rock song by Irish Band U2, in protest of British presense in N. Ireland.

Also, a title given for an incident when 29 people in an apparent peace rally were killed by British paratroopers.
Guy 1: Man, that song 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' really strikes a chord!
Guy 2: Yeah, that song is U2's protest against stuck-up Britons.
by Macphisto May 27, 2006
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