Used as an alias be many people. Originally meant 'a russian king' in russia ;)
Hey Czar, How are you

Czar Romminko would like to see you
by Jessen July 1, 2003
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The newest, latest, and greatest drug. Only the coolest of the cool know about it, and how to get it.
guy: Whoa, dude, last night was crazy. That Czar, whoa, just whoa.
other guy: What's Czar?
guy: Nevermind.
by iamthecameltoe August 30, 2009
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literally the nicest person ever. he’s cute, smart and one of the best people you will ever meet.
wow, czar is so nice!
isn’t he?
by SC00TERMAN October 21, 2020
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To get flamepoked in such a way you burst into flames because of it.
Oh man you got czared,

see pwned
by Shigity Shwa November 17, 2009
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Common reference to pizza in certain Boston neighborhoods
Lets hit Mario's and grab a czar for lunch
by Mike February 11, 2005
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Used in sitcom "The Office". To be assigned to observe co-workers' work activity. Basically a snitch.
I don't have time to see that you all are doing your job, so John, you be the productivity czar.
by IllinoisPam March 27, 2009
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A tune czar is someone who decides that they're in charge of the music that will be played in your car, on your stereo, on your Ipod or whatever. They get to decide everything that plays, with no input from you or anyone else.
Man, every time we get together Craig has to be the tune czar and play the same old tired-assed shit!
by Lexidelic May 5, 2009
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