Lets look at these definitions here. You see, blonde people dont become stupid JUST because of their hair color. For some strange reason the vast majority of people are attracted to blondes, and then they hit on them. After a while, the guys start trying and trying and trying to seduce them by giving them gifts and crap like that, which gives the girl the idea that she can have any man she wants, so she wont have to try hard in life. Stupid people are known to have little learning experiences. When a person gets everything they want, they have few learning experiences, making them stupid. It is not because of the hair dyes, or genetics, or whatever. It is THE HUMAN SOCIETY that is spoiling our blondes, which is making them really stupid.
I would appreciate the next few definitions to add on to "Bojizzles blonde theory."
by bojzzle September 18, 2004
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Having a difficult time getting things right or remembering things.
I'm having a bit of a blonde day.
Sorry I was having a blonde moment.
by Bugsy September 10, 2003
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Hot girls who are mistaken for being dumb just because of their hair color. psh..
Joanna and Noelle are mistaken for being dumb, just cuz their hair is blonde.
by Noelle October 12, 2004
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for your information...blondes are not thick and dumb, they are just like everyone else.there are sum bloneds that are dumb and some are intelligent and the same goes for everyone else.its just a hair colour you stupid pricks get over it.
proud to be blonde
by *!?!* February 14, 2004
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(1) All "blonde" is is a light hair color. The hair color of "blondes" range from a dark gold (dirty blonde) to bleached hair color (pretty much white). People at my school will be brunette in reality, but will try to pass off as being blonde by saying they are dirty blonde since at our school the more popular and more prettier students are all blonde.
(2) Jessica Simpson is the perfect stereotype blonde. She makes me aggravated because some people look to her to see how "blondes" are when, in truth, hardly anyone is as ditzy as her. Jessica Simpson is blonde (obviously), beautiful, has a great figure, and is so stupid she thought buffaloes had wings and chicken of the sea was chicken, not tuna. That is how the average person perceives blondes (beautiful and stupid). In fact, I have altered my personality many a time before to please people by letting them think that their opinions of blondes is correct. (Hint: It's not!)
(1) She nervously ran her fingers through her long, golden blonde hair.

(2)A blonde in class: But, Mr.Jones, I still don't understand it.
Mr.Jones: Well, Ashley, what don't you--
Another student: Mr. Jones, I would just give up now- she's a blonde, she'll never get it.
**With names changed, this has happened before at my high school.
by a Non-Stereotype-Blonde June 22, 2005
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Hair that reflects sunlight instead of absorbing it. Many celebrities are known to bleach their hair this color in order to attract attention. Natural blondes are far and few. There are some blondes in places you wouldn't except, like the Berbers of Morocco, or villages in the Middle East because it's a recessive gene that exists in many ethnicities, not just white people. Might be extinct in 200 years because blonde people are too busy getting drunk and being promiscuous to have children...
Jon: Save the blondes!
Ali: Why?
Jon: Because they are hot.
Ali: You're superficial.
Jon: I know. Why are they so hot?
Ali: ...
Ali: Well, what about redheads? They are probably going to be extinct faster.
Jon: Hmm...name one goodlooking redhead.
Ali: ...
by ballerr86 February 28, 2009
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