The "stupid blonde" cliché is a popular, yet scientifically ludicrous myth without any substantial evidence to support itself at all. This belief, supposedly originated in America, states that the hair colour of an individual, in this case blonde, is somehow connected to his/her intellectual capacity, thus arriving to a preposterous conclusion; that is, a "non sequitur" logical fallacy. This subsequently renders the whole argument absurd and demonstrates its invalidity.
Blonde-haired individuals like Georgia Brown, for instance, have been reported to have a genius-level intelligence at a very young age.

Countries with a proportionally significant blonde-haired population, such as for example Finland, are regularly cited as having the smartest students in the world.

Blondes are also sometimes hailed as heroes or heroines. On 26 August, 2007, the British newspaper "Daily Mail" reported the story of a blonde seven-year-old girl who had bravely saved her friend from drowning; and as if all this was not enough, it was later discovered that she, amazingly, had only just learnt to swim. What a "stupid blonde", huh?
by Philaletheian December 26, 2008
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Stupid blonde: Mom, my sister has her monthly period.
Mom: How can you know that?
Stupid blonde: Because dad's cock tastes blod.
by Maniac_88 March 19, 2006
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