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The sound made by semi-liquids (or non-Newtonian fluids) when placed under too much strain causing them to overflow. As in a muffin top or water balloon.
When Jane fastened her jeans, she heard an alarming bloink noise as her muffin top escaped confinement from its skinny-leg prison.
by Rhiannon Davis November 08, 2007
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The entire lower male region including the anus, scrotum, and penis.
"Why are you crying?"
"I fell down the stairs and hurt my bloink"

"Ay check this, I'm about to do the splits!"
"Don't tear your bloink..."

"Last night was so crazy. We were at it all night and now my bloink is soaked"

"Babe will you suck my dick?"
"Only if you get that putrid smell off your bloink..."
by PrairieDoggin666 January 29, 2017
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