You and Pte. Bloggins can go clean that up.

Pte. Bloggins may say...
by Gilcrest March 9, 2004
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a generic name placeholder often used in the canadian military
Officer- Who is the duty sargeant tonight?
Private- It would be better to check with Cpl. Bloggins, sir.
Officer- Where would I find him?
by Valeri Pizdoletov September 28, 2007
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Anyone who's main purpose of being online is to harrass, bully, be sexist, rascist, discriminate on lgbt rights, and just be a general troll.
Bro this guy got on my eqaul rights for everyone blog and started saying black lesbians get shot by cops because they dont wanna make a sandwich for men because he never gave them dick.

What the fuck is wrong with that osama bin bloggin asshat?
by Dl4l March 23, 2017
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someone or somthing or a group of people who is being extra or doing way to much.
by Da room February 7, 2022
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A placeholder name used in the Canadian Armed Forces and Canadian Cadet Organizations. Used on example forms and scenarios.
Sergeant: "If you do something wrong your drill instructor will say 'Private Bloggins, what the hell are you doing!'"

Example: Name: Bloggins, Rank: Corporal, Unit: 1st Hussars
by ethan.the.ehviator April 8, 2021
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Organizing a blog in an attempt to clarify perspectives, activities, and/or lifestyles.
Checkout my daily blogginization, it dictates reality and the complexity of my boredom!
by Lazaruskid February 13, 2010
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