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A Canadian Organization for youth aged 12-18. Funded by the Department of National Defense and partners with the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves Cadet Instructor Cadre. The aims of the program are to exercise citizenship and leadership, promote physical fitness, and stimulate an interest in the air activities of the Canadian Armed Forces. Fun, challenging, accepting, rewarding, safe and opportunity are words that I would use to describe the program.
"Wow this guy did Royal Canadian Air Cadets, we should hire him"
"She wants to be a pilot? Did she try air cadets?"
by ethan.the.ehviator April 08, 2021

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A placeholder name used in the Canadian Armed Forces and Canadian Cadet Organizations. Used on example forms and scenarios.
Sergeant: "If you do something wrong your drill instructor will say 'Private Bloggins, what the hell are you doing!'"

Example: Name: Bloggins, Rank: Corporal, Unit: 1st Hussars
by ethan.the.ehviator April 08, 2021

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Military term often associated with a tap on the top of the head means "come here".
Sgt: Private (insert name), on me! *taps head*
by ethan.the.ehviator March 12, 2021

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