Organizing - the Art of hiding one's shit from oneself
I was busting hump,
organizing my crafting space

and now can't find a blasted thing!
by Thygeekgoddess July 22, 2017
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The act of putting things into or onto products designed by IKEA
Me: My place is a mess! I am going to be organizing all day! I need to stop by IKEA and buy more things to put my other things into...
by g$maker July 25, 2012
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That word you pronounced orgasm once in class
Stacy: The heart is in our body and it’s an orgasm
Billy: HA! She said orgasm instead of organism!
*Class laugh*
*Stacy cries*
by BigJuic3Cucumb3r October 27, 2018
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Going with the flow; being in an unforced mindset where the sensing of the present moment guides your every action.

Keeping shit smooth and natural.
Eric: "Hey Todd, that speech you gave was so great! How long did you rehearse for it?"

Todd: "I didn't rehearse at all, I was just keeping that shit organic."
by Gritty1 October 23, 2010
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That one word a kid in my sixth grade class mixed up with 'orgasm' once.
"Did you just say orgasm instead of organism?"
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